Certified sampling taps for 100% safe use

All common certificates for sanitary applications, such as 3-A, material certificates for stainless steel traceability, FDA and others for our sampling taps and other valve types are on file and will be delivered when ordered.

Rieger sanitary sample valves

Our sanitary sample valves from the IsoPure and BioCheck series are designed for aseptic and sanitary applications like the production of food, beverages or pharmaceuticals. Many clients also rely on them for non-sanitary applications such as city water sampling, as the hygienic design of our sampling valves provides high reliability for a smooth and safe sampling process.

Our online store allows the quick purchase of sampling valves for identification, quality control and regulatory assessment purposes order yours now!

Our aseptic sample valves: features, specifications, options

The stem of our sanitary sample valves is completely surrounded by a PTFE-bellow and avoids the so called lift effect, that all ‚raising stem valves‘ have. This PTFE-bellow only carries one fold and is as flexible as a membrane. The PTFE-bellow seals in the valve seat in only one ring-point. This reduces the risk of trapping product residue between the bellow and the seat to a minimum. Leak tightness test certificates are on file and back up this sealing principle. The aseptic sample valve has a maximum stroke of 3 mm in open position.

Besides that the sampling valves are completely drainable, pressureless and follow hygienic design principles with special attention to open flushable diameters, that provide optimum flow conditions for highest cleaning and sterilization results.

The sanitary sample valve is made of stainless steel 316 L. Other steel types and higher grade materials are available upon request. This valve series is designed for steam sterilization up to temperatures of 275° F for max. 20 mins.

Various options on the body configuration are available. Connection to the process can be welded into a tank or pipe or lose connections, such as clamp connections in different sizes or even sanitary connections, such as the NEUMO BioControl or BioConnect ones (also see other products like the NEUMO BioFlow check valves).

The sanitary sample valve bodies come with one or two ports with pipe connections (weld-ends) as a standard. Options on port configurations, such as welded clamp ferrules are available.


  • valve body made from solid bar
  • no dead space
  • resistant to aggressive fluids
  • hermetically sealed against the environment
  • long service life of PTFE bellows
  • drainable
  • bellows leakage indicator
  • maximize life cycles
  • easy to clean CIP/SIP
  • folds of the PTFE bellows remain open for easy cleaning
  • modular system makes changing actuator more convenient
  • change seals without special tools
  • minimal downtimes
  • low spare parts or consumables cost
  • PTFE bellows conforms to FDA regulations
  • wide variety of installation positions
  • high quality product surface finishes available
  • optional electronic feedback

Hygienic sample valves & more by Rieger

As a company with a history of almost 150 years in process technology, we are happy to provide our customers with high-quality sanitary valves for all kinds of requirements. You still have questions about our sanitary sampling valves or other products? Get in touch to learn more about Rieger valves, we are looking forward to meeting you!