Claus´ Corner

About the author

Since 2007, Claus Qvist Jessen has been working at Damstahl,
the stainless steel wholesaler of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group,
dealing with the following tasks: Being a stainless Sherlock Holmes
who unravels why corrosion has occurred, what can be done
to fix the damages and (especially) what can be done to prevent
future problems.

A large part of the prevention lies within knowledge and Claus
has eagerly participated in the mediation of stainless knowledge
to both NEUMO Ehrenberg Group’s customers and different educational
establishments – in Europe and worldwide.

We have collected a great deal of Claus’ stainless words of wisdom
here so that you can achieve wider knowledge concerning
the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel.

You‘ll find more information and educational videos here:


Like no other the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, one of the world‘s
largest privately-owned manufacturers and distributors of stainless
steel products and metal cutting tools, has enthroned knowledge
and learning.

The Flow Division of the Neumo Ehrenberg Group specializes in
clean process industry. Using innovative solutions, top quality and
worldwide distribution network it offers its customers a comprehensive
range of products that meet industry requirements.

We see the passing of our words of wisdom to our many interested
customers as a natural duty. This partly takes place through seminars
and consultancy tasks, and partly through our books. Actually,
throughout the years, this has resulted in no less than four educational
books about stainless steel.

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